About Validate Films

Validate Films was founded in 2016 by filmmaker and composer John Presley. Located in the Missouri Ozarks, Validate provides bespoke video and music for clients around the world.

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About John Presley

John has a passion for telling stories with a unique voice. His story began with a sequin jacket.

Music was always a family tradition. Audiences came from far and wide to see the Presleys' one-of-a-kind variety show, and by age 10, John was performing in over 200 shows a year.

This wasn’t just a little kid banging on the keys, either. John was an authentic talent, recognized by Yamaha Pianos with an Influential Artist endorsement. He had a practical side as well, graduating from Drury University in 2004 with a degree in Business Administration.

The next ten years were spent producing commercials, TV specials and online content, while continuing to develop an ear for music composition and sound design.

With the feature documentary “Flamekeeper,” his directorial debut, John brought his filmmaking and music skills together to tell the story of Michael Cleveland, considered by many to be the greatest fiddler of all time. The film premiered in 2019 at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN.

But the boy in the sequined jacket is never far from John’s mind. Today, instead of performing for live audiences, he creates for clients, combining his experience as both a director and a composer.

- written by Rich Samuels