New Course Designed By Tiger Woods



It’s been an exciting few weeks providing video and photo work for Big Cedar Golf. We’ve had an up close look at “Payne’s Valley”, the first public golf course designed by Tiger Woods. Look forward to sharing more soon!

Time Traveler Music 



Validate Films recently produced the music and sound design for the #1 most talked about coaster in the world! Time Traveler is a 26 million dollar spinning coaster now open at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. 

The background music features pop songs about "time" recreated to fit the theme of the park. 9 musicians from around the country, including Grammy winners, were involved in the recording of the music. The sound design is a surround experience that takes you on a sonic journey through a clock factory. 

Thank you to Herschend Family Entertainment for their support of creative people everywhere. Although the technical feats of this coaster deserve the headlines, many artists work to create a storyline and experience that is second to none! 

New Documentary Coming Soon 



Validate Films is currently producing a feature length documentary film! 

Flamekeeper is the story of the world's greatest fiddler and his determination to overcome disability. For more info visit